May 06, 2020

Hi loyal backers,

We hope you are all safe and sane! Ok, enough of the pleasantries, we have some amazing news we need to share...

The Dopplers have arrived in our warehouse!!

That's a lot of Dopplers!

Ok, enough celebrating. We have more work to do!

So what do we still have to do before you get your Dopplers?

The next step is the Android app beta. The remaining Beta Doppler units should go out in the next couple of weeks and we plan on this beta period lasting no more than a month. While the Android beta testers are testing, we will be working on the bugs the iOS beta testers have found in preparation for launch.

Once we go to Android beta testing, we will also submit the Doppler to Amazon for certification of Alexa. At this point, we have been working closely with a couple of different teams at Amazon for years, all leading up to a certification called AVS (Alexa Voice Service) certification. Since Amazon wants to ensure that all products using Alexa works as seamlessly as possible, they require final products along with both the Android and iOS apps to make sure that both apps are capable of setting up Alexa properly while following all of their guidelines before selling units. We have done a ton of self- and pre-testing and we are hoping that everything will pass with minimal changes required.

Once we have received our AVS Certification, we will begin by reflashing these Dopplers in our warehouse. While we are flashing these units, we will also do a final inspection to hopefully catch any lemons that our factory QA team might have missed. This process will likely take a while due to the shelter in place order our county is currently under. We aren’t going to give any timelines at this point since so much is changing daily.

Once we have Dopplers that have been flashed to the latest software updates and gone through a final inspection, we will begin shipping according to the following schedule:

• Domestic Early-Bird customers
• Other domestic customers
• International customers

We have quite a few orders to get through so please keep an eye out for emails from backerkit a couple of days before we ship your order confirming your address and then a tracking number once it’s been shipped!

Getting the units into our warehouse brings us one step closer to getting your Doppler delivered, and we want that day to come ASAP!

As always feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions.

-PAI Team

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