September 17, 2021

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer and continuing to stay safe and healthy. We have been making tremendous progress with the Doppler and we are excited to share it all with you! In this update we will discuss our new Discord server, the migration process to the new cloud version of the Doppler, the newest Beta features going forward, and our new manual! 

Discord server is live!

First off, we have created a Sandman Discord server. This is a place where all owners of Sandman products can interact with each other as well as with us. We have about 60 members currently and we would love for you to join! You can join using this link:

Feel free to make suggestions on what we can do to improve the Discord server and make it more active. We are already planning on running contests and asking the members for their input on all things Doppler.

The Cloud Doppler is moving out of Beta

The feedback from our Beta testers of the Doppler controlled by the cloud has been very positive! Our Beta users have been particularly excited about the new weather features. Thank you again Beta testers! We did have a couple of road bumps and we have also been working on beefing up our cloud server to handle the increased traffic. But now, we would like to have more people move over to this new version of the Doppler. 

If you signed up for the Beta and haven’t upgraded your Doppler yet, check your email! Make sure to check your spam folder, we have had a couple people find our emails in there. All Beta users have been invited. 

The new (cloud) version of the app is not compatible with the current (BLE) version of the Doppler and the new (cloud) version of the Doppler isn’t compatible with the current (BLE) version of the app. This makes things a little more difficult than we had hoped, but we are working on a process to make it very easy and straightforward. You also are only going to need to do it once! 

But, the good news is that the Beta version of the Doppler is stable, working well, and gives you a bunch of new features! It’s a significant upgrade and we are going to want everyone to update to this new version eventually. If you want to get a head start on this update you can sign up for the Beta program at this link:

To recap the features that the new version will include when you upgrade your Doppler (and are already in the Beta version): 

  • Cloud connectivity - Will allow you to control your Doppler from anywhere quickly and easily
  • Multiple Doppler support - If you have more than one Doppler, you’ll be able to control them all from one account and switch between them easily. 
  • Weather on your Doppler - Quickly glance and see what the forecasted high for the day is
  • Set your Doppler color from your phone - You ca/n choose any color you want! 
  • Set brightness from your phone - Quickly dim or brighten your display 
  • Blackout mode - Set the Doppler to be completely dark at night
  • Adjustable button brightness - Dim the buttons at night or have them be totally off
  • Different colors for day and night mode - White during the day, red at night? No problem! 
  • Granular volume controls - The lowest volume setting is now much quieter with more granular control
  • Improved Bluetooth audio - Bluetooth audio now connects much better than before
  • Lots of other bug fixes!

New Beta features coming soon!

Now that we are updating the app in house, we are able to push out updates MUCH faster than before. What’s coming to the Beta program next? Some incredible features that, honestly, we should have had a while ago… Well, better late than never, right?!?

All of these screenshots are pre-release and are subject to change. Screenshots were taken on an iPhone 12 Pro Max and are all mostly functional. We are still tweaking and improving, but most of these features are 100% working.  

We have totally revamped the color screen allowing for much more customization and options: 

We have also redone the brightness screen in a similar fashion:

This screen allows you to select brightness settings for both day and night along with your buttons and display. Again, you can just keep the stock brightnesses or tweak away. 

Along with the brightness screen there is some more info about the light sensor and a button to enable blackout mode in the advanced settings page:

For anybody having trouble or issues with the auto dimming or issues with the light sensor, this screen should help you customize the Doppler even further!

A volume slider on the main page of the app, so you can control your Doppler’s volume right from the home screen!  

A Doppler information screen which allows you to see simple, basic information about your Doppler from your app.

Some smaller changes like, when you are onboarding your Doppler, the time zone will be automatically set from your cell phone’s time, and the ability to set your wakeup time so the weather forecast will be as accurate as possible, as well as some bug fixes that our Beta customers have unearthed.

But the big one is audio tuning and presets! 

These new tunings will allow you to adjust the audio live and the difference between the untuned Doppler (how it is now) and any of these presets is a massive increase in fidelity and sound quality. We know some of you weren’t thrilled with how the Doppler sounded before and hopefully this improves the sound quality for you! 

Totally revamped manual

How will you know how to use all these new features??! Well we have totally redone our user manual for this new version (so it’s still in Beta) but we do have it online for you anyone that wants to check it out. The manual also includes a quick start guide to help new users get online with their Doppler quickly and easily. This manual will constantly be updated with the latest Beta features as we release them! 

Feel free to check out the manual here:

We hope this new manual will be easier to read and understand and will help you get the most out of your Doppler. 

That’s it for now, we have to get back to work on the app and making the upgrade process for everyone to the cloud version as easy as possible

Thanks everyone for your continued support and talk to you in the Discord! 

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