December 21, 2018

Patient PAI people,

Have we got an update for you! We have a very functional Doppler we would like to show you! Read below for how we got to this point, next steps and to learn more about the biggest trade show of the year, CES.

Working boards!

When we last updated you on the status of the circuit boards of the Doppler we were working with our new digital signal processor (DSP) supplier to get everything working on the boards. Well, we are happy to report that the boards are now 100% functional and working great!

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Once we got the circuit boards working, it was time for integration. This step is basically taking the Doppler software we have been working on, and getting it to run properly on the newest hardware rather than on our computers. Since we have been planning this integration for a while this went fairly smoothly and we only had one or two unexpected things pop up. After we had the software running properly, we starting checking off features that we had to test and make sure worked (Wifi, Bluetooth, light sensor, microphones, etc). Once all of this was tested, we assembled our first Doppler developer kit, Dev-1.

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Dev-1 is actually going to be sent to Israel for our App partner, Zemingo to work with, but first, we wanted to do some testing. We brought Dev-1 home and checked it out in its native habitat, the nightstand. We also brought Dev-1 to an audio testing lab to work on tuning the microphones and Alexa response. Dev-1 is designed with its brain (the board housing the Pico-SoM) on the outside of the case, so in case we ever need to change or swap out anything, it’s much easier. Having the Pico-SoM outside of the case also allows us to push software upgrades and bug fixes very fast as well.

Dev-1 from it's good side

And it's not so good side

Now that we have integrated everything together and verified, what’s the next step?

20 Dopplers!

We are doing an alpha build of the Doppler which we will be showing at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, CES in Las Vegas. Last year, we went to CES to show off the Doppler prototype, this year we plan on showing off 20 Doppler units, in production plastics! It’s been a rough year filled with supplier issues, but the alpha units we will be showing off at the show this year will be very close to finished and we are very proud of what we have accomplished.

CES this year is January 8th through 11th in Las Vegas

CES is a big deal for a company like us. This year we are doing the show right, we will have a large 20’x20’ booth with comfy couches for all the attendees to take a break and charge their phone.

We went through a lot of different designs!

Will you be at the show? Come stop by!

If you're in the Vegas area and want to come to the show? It really is a blast! You can register for the show at this link.

If that link doesn’t work, shoot us an email at and we look forward to seeing you at the show.

One more thing we wanted to share with you as CES approaches. At the show this year we are planning on announcing a new brand, which means a new product… before we ship Doppler. The goal of Palo Alto Innovation was always to have multiple brands underneath the PAI umbrella, and we are beginning to truly realize that vision at this show. The reason we are giving everyone the heads up is we want to make it 100% crystal clear that we did not take any resources away from Doppler to focus on the new brand at any point in the past or in the future. Product development is a cycle, and we are towards the end of the cycle for Sandman, so while our manufacturing, hardware, and software teams have been hard at work on Doppler, our design and graphics team have been working on the new brand. We invested a lot of money in CES this year and we have to make it count, and in order to do that, we might ruffle a few feathers by announcing our latest product before the Doppler has been shipped. We thought long and hard about this decision, and we know some of you will be unhappy, but please believe us when we say that delivering the Doppler to each and every one of you is still our #1 priority. In advance thanks for your understanding!

Post CES

After CES is over, and we catch our breath, we will be hard at work preparing for the Beta build of Dopplers, which will be a 200 unit pilot test that will be made overseas. These beta units will go to our beta backers and we will work very closely with them to make sure everything is up to par. Thanks again to all our beta backers who are willing to be our guinea pigs! You are going to make the Doppler better for everyone! We will be in close communication with all of you when the beta program gets closer to kicking off. Once the beta units are tested, we will move onto full-scale production! We strive to keep you informed as we continue down this stretch run towards fulfilling your pledges. Thanks again for sticking through this with us, we know it hasn’t been easy, but we promise it will be worth the wait.

Happy Holidays!

Stay tuned and have a great holiday season!

-The PAI team

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