Refurbished Doppler

Our best-selling Doppler Smart Clock, in refurbished condition. 

These refurbished units are either refurbished customer returns or failed our initial quality inspections. All units will be 100% tested for full functionality and we will allow returns.  One or more of the following product inconsistencies could be present: Minor cosmetic scuffs or marks, slight LED discolorations or color inconsistencies, and very mild button issues. 

USB type
Midnight Blue
Moon Grey


The Doppler has Amazon Alexa built-in, six high-speed USB charging ports, and a premium sound system that’s carefully engineered to deliver outstanding sound from a compact footprint. Now shipping! (Limited quantities).

Tech Specs

• Width: 11.6″ (29.5 cm)
• Height: 4″ (10.2 cm)
• Depth: 4.7″ (12 cm)

• Dual far-field digital PDM microphones with dust filters
• Synaptics Nebula 20921 DSP with Smart Source Pickup and Acoustic Echo Cancellation
• Dedicated mute button for privacy

Audio System
• Stereo speakers + bass port
• Customized high-efficiency 4 watt Synaptics Solana 22721 Audio codec
• Dual 50 x 90 mm speakers with a frequency response of 40 - 20,000 Hz with multiple tuned presets.

• 1.8" digits
• Auto-dimming with a blackout mode
• Customizable color and brightness with 29 built-in colors and 16 million color options (24-bit color)
• 12- or 24-hour time modes
• Weather and temperature forecast indicators

• Bluetooth 5 and 2.4 or 5 Ghz Dual-band WiFi 5 (B/G/N/AC) Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 based PIXI combo module
• NXP i.MX 6ULL - 900 MHz Cortex A7 running a custom Yocto based operating system
• Cypress PSoC 5LP - Cortex M3 plus DMA controller for controlling the lights, button and light sensor
• 110v or 220v power supply

*Coming Soon*

• Home assistant & API support

A Multi-Functional Smart Alarm Clock For Efficient Routines and Better Sleep

  • Clean up your nightstand with charging for up to six devices. No need for extra outlets, extension cords, or plugging in your phone across the room. Plug in your smart phone, wireless headphones, tablet, smartwatch and more. The Doppler is also future proof with 3 of the USB ports being upgradeable to USB Type C. Order that upgrade any time and install it yourself easily.

  • Stereo speakers and bass port create a broad-dynamic-range, room filling sound from Bluetooth or via Alexa.

  • Stream all of your favorite music through Bluetooth—Currently, the Doppler supports streaming via Pandora, Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Audible and Deezer.

  • Listen to music, stream podcasts, set alarms, and control your smart home with just your voice. The unlimited Alexa capability is ready to make your morning and night routines much more efficient.

  • Our newest feature update allows you to trigger Alexa routines by simply pressing the 1 or 2 button. Start your morning efficiently by turning on your coffee maker, favorite podcast, and bedroom lights from the touch of a button.

  • The Doppler will automatically dim at night with a customizable dimming setting. It can even be set to "blackout mode" so you can sleep in total darkness.

  • The Sandman Doppler features an internal rechargeable battery backup so when the power in your house goes out the Doppler’s alarm will still go off. There is no battery for you to install or replace!








"An Alexa-enabled alarm clock feels like the perfect nightstand gadget." - THE VERGE
"I like this." - Shaquille O'Neal
"Smart speakers don't have to be just smart speakers." - C|Net
"An Alexa-enabled alarm clock feels like the perfect nightstand gadget." - THE VERGE
"I like this." - Shaquille O'Neal
"Smart speakers don't have to be just smart speakers." - C|Net
Refurbished Doppler — $99.99

Read more about the features and tech in the Sandman Doppler




  • Alexa Built-In

    • Trigger Alexa routines using the 1 & 2 smart buttons on the Doppler device
    • Utilize the unlimited power of Alexa to make your morning and night routines more efficient and enjoyable
    • The most powerful nightstand hub with smart home capability

  • 6 USB Ports

    • Charge up to six devices at once
    • USB-C upgrade available (more details here)
    • Cable management underneath
    • Cleans up your nightstand

  • Premium Sound

    • Two 50x90mm drivers, powered by a high-efficiency Class D amplifier and custom-tuned DSP with bass port for enhanced low-frequency response
    • Connects to your phone as a Bluetooth speaker
    • Plays internet radio

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download an app?

Many features of the Doppler require Wi-Fi to function, so it must connect to your Wi-Fi network. The phone app is required to initially configure your Doppler and connect it to the internet. After that, the app is no longer necessary, but it does have many features that allow for customization with the alarms. The free app is available now for iOS and Android.

What if the power goes out?

The Sandman Doppler features an internal rechargeable battery backup so when the power in your house goes out the Doppler’s alarm will still go off. There is no battery for you to install or replace!

What about 24 hour time?

Of course! The Doppler can display the time in either 12 or 24-hour format. Just press the clock button.

What Streaming services are supported?

Currently, the Doppler supports streaming via Pandora, Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Audible and Deezer. Support for Spotify will be coming soon.

Is the Doppler always listening to me?

A few seconds of what is picked up by the microphones will be analyzed by the Doppler and discarded permanently unless the wake word “Alexa” is detected. The Doppler never saves anything it hears permanently. Also, nothing is transmitted unless a wake word is detected. When you say “Alexa”, your command is sent to Amazon's servers via a secure connection and a response is sent back securely. If Alexa is turned off or if the mute button is pressed, nothing is listening, and nothing will be stored or analyzed.

Is it bright when I am sleeping?

Absolutely not! The Doppler will automatically dim at night and the user can adjust how dim it gets. It can even be set to have the display off completely so you can sleep in total darkness.

Does the Doppler have multiple alarms?

Yes, the Doppler can store multiple alarms that are managed by the app. Additional alarms can also be set via Alexa and a single system alarm can be set via the physical buttons on the device.

What about quick charge?

The Doppler does not feature Quick-Charge. We wanted to go with a universal format and Quick-Charge hasn't and won't be universally adopted. Your Quick-Charge compatible phone will still charge fine (and at high-speed) it just won't be as fast as some other chargers. Usually, the Doppler is used to charge your phone overnight so you'll still have plenty of charge!


Our wizard makes setting up and pairing your phone and Doppler a breeze. Just enter the six digit code and listen along as our voice guided set-up walks you through the process.


Easily set and schedule multiple alarms across times and days. You can also select from different alarm sounds. When your alarm is set you will see the red Alarm bell on the Doppler face.

03. Customizable Brightness

Select a day and night mode brightness, including the option for complete blackout mode at night.

04. Customizable Display

Make the Doppler your own with endless color display options that will suit any style.

05. Weather Updates

Get daily weather updates that suit your needs. Whether you want to see the daily high or daily low, the Doppler has you covered.

06. Premium Audio Settings

Customize your sound experience with different audio presets based on how you like to listen.

07. Alexa Routines

Trigger Amazon routines with the touch of a button. From starting the coffee maker in the morning, to playing your favorite evening meditation - the possibilities are endless.

It all started with the original Sandman clock back in 2015...

  • 2015 - CLOCK

  • 2017 - KICKSTARTER

  • 2019 - ALPHA

  • 2020 - BETA


  • It all started with the original Sandman clock back in 2015. A simple 4 port USB charging clock. We realized that a power strip next to your bed to charge all your devices was becoming commonplace. Multiple cell phones, backup batteries, fitness trackers, smartwatches, and many more USB charging devices. The need for the Sandman clock was obvious, something that could charge all your devices, clean up your night stand, and have a display that allows you to glance at the time without getting blasted by phone notifications. We decided that we were going to fix all of these problems with the Sandman Clock.

  • Based on early feedback from our pre-launch campaign and the amount of work we put into it, we were confident we would hit our goal, but we didn’t expect it to happen quite so fast. We ended up hitting our goal in 38 minutes and raised over $60K in the first day! The Kickstarter campaign ran for 30 days and our Kickstarter ended with a little over $151,000 raised! Thanks again to all our backers and our early supporters! Once the Kickstarter ended, the real engineering work began. We had to take our prototype and make it an actual product.

  • Building up Dev-1 allowed us to discover some last minute integration issues with the hardware/software and a couple of small changes to the tools so we could refine the Doppler injection molded tools to a point where we could start an alpha build of the product. This was a massive step forward and we started with a 20 unit Alpha test. The Alpha build is a super important part of the process and allowed us to build up a small number of units ourselves to see how we can tweak and improve things. We decided that we would share these Alpha units at CES 2019, our third show!

  • Up to this point, the Doppler had quite the journey, but it wasn’t quite over yet. In fact it was just getting started. Based on initial feedback from our customers (and our own issues with BLE and the product in general). We decided to totally redo how the Doppler communicated with the phone app and switch to a cloud based solution. With this updated we also added a myriad of other features to the Doppler like blackout mode and more volume steps. We also spent a lot of time tweaking and tuning the audio system of the Doppler to make it sound even better.

  • All of these changes have culminated in a product we are truly happy to have created (even though it took a while). Fun fact,: the actor who starred in our Kickstarter video is the voice of the Doppler when you first plug it in. It was finally time to put the Doppler on Amazon and start really pushing sales of the Doppler! A lot of companies would have declared the Doppler finished at this point, but not us! We have many many more features we want to add to the Doppler. Stay tuned to the news section of this site as well as your email for news on the new features we will be continuing to add to the Doppler.